At the bioroad we have launches an open call to receive ideas and projects from the international biotechnology sector. Send your proposal before September 30th.


the bioroad is a project of Gamma Health, a Diggia Group company, which develops the line of the health sector offering services to develop business projects in the field of life and health. In addition, it is a pioneering project in Spain for being the first privately incubator managed in a public-private collaboration.

the bioroad is a project to promote and support Startups in the biotechnological sector, focused on boosting the innovation ecosystem of a key sector such as Health and, more specifically, following the ‘One Health’ movement.


the bioroad supports the acceleration of ideas and projects in early launch phases by finding entrepreneurs willing to create projects that impact the life sciences and health. The objective is to validate new business ideas by providing support and advice for defining the business model of the participating projects, structuring their financing, experience in solving any operational problems that may arise and capturing market value. that each project has created.

We offer an incubation model that goes beyond the conventional one, which transforms innovation projects into successful businesses, partnering with the incubated companies to define and achieve a growth roadmap in two areas: the financial field and the sectoral field.


We facilitate access to scientific and technological infrastructures for the prototyping and validation of pre-clinical and clinical prototypes certified in different regulatory frameworks, having a direct contact with the following agents of the bioroad ecosystem.

Jesús Usón minimally invasive surgery center

Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, is a public organisation engaged with education, medical research, and surgical innovation, which provides health practitioners, researchers, hospitals and companies in the health sector with its infrastructures and services:

  1. Pre-clinical research in experimental models
  2. Medical Device design, development and validation
  3. Pharmacological and medical device testing
  4. Development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  5. Audiovisual Production, Virtual Simulation, Medical Illustration
  6. Graphic design: 2D and 3D image editing
  7. Operating room
  8. Cell therapy and clinical analysis labs
  9. Animal facility (pig, sheep, rabbit and dog)
  10. Telecoms Services

The university of Extremadura (UEx)

The University of Extremadura, with scientific-technological infrastructures capable of meeting the demands of the food, veterinary and biomedical sectors.

  1. Veterinary School
  2. Nursing & Occupational Therapy School
  3. Computer Sciences School
  4. Animal facility
  5. Experimental Farm
  6. Research Support Services

Veterinary clinical hospital

Veterinary clinical hospital, is a facility of the university of Extremadura oriented to training, research and assistance services, with infrastructures such as:
  1. Operating rooms for large and small animals and experimental operating rooms
  2. Consulting rooms
  3. Clinical analysis lab
  4. Cryobiology Lab
  5. Necropsy room
  6. Medical and surgical services for exotic animals
  7. Diagnostic imaging services
  8. Anaesthesiology services.
  9. Inpatient & Intensive Care.


Our objective is to look for startups, university spin-offs, entrepreneurs and biotechnology-based research groups for their development and acceleration in the coworking space in Cáceres, where the maturation of their projects will be encouraged and promoted through the methodology of acceleration ‘the bioroad’.

From a perspective open to innovation, the following reference trend lines in the sector are defined as thematic axes, although it is not an exhaustive list:

  1. Medical devices
  2. Development of gene therapies
  3. Development of biopharmaceutical
  4. Products eHealth
  5. AI applied to health


  1. 6 research laboratories – 46 m²/each
  2. 2 shared laboratories -136 m²/each
  3. Individual warehouse for each lab
  4. Specific Instrumentation
  5. Technical team for labs management
  6. Waste management
  7. Liability insurance
  8. Servicios de anestesiología
  9. Meeting rooms, classrooms and event spaces


Send the application

Fill out and send the application document available on the web
Until September 30, 2022

Online interview

Online interview of the selected projects
October 10 to 14, 2022

Face-to-face interview

Face-to-face interview and visit of the bioroad facilities
November 7 to 9, 2022

Send the application

Fill out and send the application document available on the web
Until September 30, 2022

Online interview

Online interview of the selected projects
October 10 to 14, 2022

Face-to-face interview

Face-to-face interview and visit of the bioroad facilities
November 7 to 9, 2022




    Company Name

    Company Description

    Web Site



    Present project

    If you have your deck or presentation, send it to us.



    Guidelines for the project presentation:

    The presentation should be sent in powerpoint format o PDF. 

    Main presentation points are:


    • Entity description.
    • Project description, including innovative aspects.
    • Potential market and clients
    • Team

    Participation in the mission is 100% funded. How are these expenses funded?

    The Caceres Chamber of Commerce will cover the costs and take care of the operational management of the trip (flights, collective transfers to destination, accommodation, and diets) of the selected company/project representatives during the business meetings period. 

    The Chamber will make the reservation of the round-trip plane ticket (including airport taxes), accommodation on a B&B basis (in general, it is estimated that lunches and dinners will take place outside the hotel due to business meetings), including collective transfers at destination to visit the Entities within the commercial mission (Bioincubator, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, MISC, ...).

    Are there additional terms or conditions for participating in the mission?

    Main participation terms are listed above in this web page.

    Participation is not conditioned on the incubation in the bioroad or the opening of the startup.

    The main selection criteria is to show a certain interest from the startup to establish its activity in Extremadura, this will be assessed by the main partners (Fundecyt, the bioroad and the Chamber of Commerce).

    Does the bioroad claim rights to participate in the startups?

    the bioroad proposal contemplates different paths within the incubation process some of them may include investment and participation on the incubated startups and other paths don’t.

    By the end of the application process the bioroad will propose a specific path to each startup with the best fit to integrate within the bioroad ecosystem.

    the bioroad will bring support to the startup and its entrepreneurs

    • Top notch biotech infrastructure.
    • Business and technical services.
    • Possible investment in the companies



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